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Top Images of 2014
12/17: Campbell Flip
December 17, 2014
Andrew Campbell, the USA LM1x for the World Champs in Amsterdam, entered the regatta as one of the medal favorites following his second U23 title in the event the month prior.  He won his heat, then disaster struck in the quarterfinal when he clipped a bouy with his starboard oar and capsized into the Bosbaan.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/16: Cal Cox Toss
December 16, 2014
Here's the second cox toss to make the top 31 images.  It's of Cal coxswain Julian Venonsky follow his crew's win in the Ladies Plate at Henley Royal Regatta.  Venonsky scores a 10 on technique, and was quickly followed by his whole crew into the Thames.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/15: US M8+ Athens Reunion
December 15, 2014
Here's a photo from the 10-year anniverary reunion row for the 2004 USA Olympic Champion Men's Eight.  row2k was fortunate enough to get to interview all nine members of the crew during their visit to Princeton and produced two videos of the men chatting about their memories of the crew and the racing in Athens.

Top Images of 2014
12/14: Rummel Money Fingers
December 14, 2014
This photo from the World Championships is in honor Johnny Manziel making his first NFL start for the Cleveland Browns today.  Henrik Rummel of the USA Men's Four throwing up the money fingers following his crew qualifying for the A Final.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/13: Rower & Son
December 13, 2014
Alex Gregory of the GBR Men's Four carried his son through the mixed zone following his crew's World Championship win in Amsterdam.  row2k was lucky enough to catch him just as he walked passed the Union Jack hanging from the grand stand.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/12: World Title for Twigg
December 12, 2014
Following her two bronze medals (in 2010 and 2011) and silver in 2013, New Zealand women's single sculler Emma Twigg finally broke through to win her first senior world championship title in Amsterdam.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/11: Iona Double Bucket
December 11, 2014
We'll file this one under 'unsual rigs' along with the Battleship rig from last week. It's a double bucketed four from the Dad Vail Regatta back in May.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/10: ACRA Winner Flip
December 10, 2014
Some say there are those that have flipped a single and those who are going to.  At a championship regatta flipping your single usually means you won't see the podium any time soon.  At the 2014 ACRA National Championship James Anglin of UCSB had other ideas.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/9: Tight NCAA Semifinal
December 9, 2014
This photo is from the last 100 meters of one of the closest races of 2014, the second semifinal of the women's Varsity 8+ at NCAAs.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/8: Cherry Blossom Training
December 8, 2014
Went out with the Potomac Boat Club sculling group in April in what turned out to be the peak bloom for the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms along the Potomac River.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/7: US Men's Erg Test
December 7, 2014
This photo is of Ambrose Puttmann of the USA Men's Sweep camp during the last 500 of VO2 Max 2k test on the erg.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/6: Kiwi M2- Domination
December 6, 2014
>The New Zealand Men's Pair of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray have dominated their event, going unbeaten since 2009.  This photo shows them during the last few strokes of their A Final win at World Cup II; by an astounding 10.5 seconds.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/5: Perfect Touch
December 5, 2014
Here's a photo from the Knecht Cup back in April.  It's of VCU sculler Bill Weirich following his win in his flight on Sunday morning of the regatta.  This image is unique in that his port is perfectly parallel to the water with his hand off the oar and it only lasted for a split second.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/4: UW Cox Toss
December 4, 2014
The cox toss following a big win is one of my favorite things to photograph as no two tosses are the same and you never know what will happen...other than the UW men trying to set some new height record.    more

Top Images of 2014
12/3: Wisconsin Battleship
December 3, 2014
his is a photo of the Wisconsin Men's Freshmen 8+ this year at IRAs.  They rowed what has been called the "Battleship Rig."  Two starboards in stern pair, four ports in the engine room, and two starboards in bow pair.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/2: Long Beach Youth Nats Celebration
December 2, 2014
Celebrations make for some of the best rowing photos, so we'll probably seeing quite a few in this space over the next month.  First up is the Long Beach Junior Men's Youth 8+ following their win at Youth Nationals.  more

Top Images of 2014
12/1: Schuylkill Chop
December 1, 2014
The first image is from the Penn Invite on March 28.  The wind picked up on the Schuylkill for the last few races, resulting in some major chop for the Varsity 8+ race between Penn and Drexel.    more

Calm Waters - The Day After Rows
August 16, 2013

I took a row on the Carnegie yesterday morning; temps in the upper 50s and a bit of a pushy wind might have predicted a tricky row, but instead it was nearly perfect - blades locked in, boat sending, quick times in both directions.  It felt like the lake was giving me some help; somehow on the morning after a big rowing event, or in this ca  more

Jr Eagles watch US Jr Rowing teams
August 5, 2013

On row2k's last outing with the US junior teams, both of the local eagle juniors came out to watch practice, swooping and sparring in mid-air, and then finally alighting on two adjacent treetops to watch the crews. Call it a coincidence, call it a sign, but go ahead and call out Go USA!


A quick update from last week's racing at USRowing's Elite National Championships that featured most of the athletes in the US men's lightweight and heavyweight sweep camps.  The racing was intense as both squads finalize selection prior to the Lucerne World Cup on July 12-14. 

There were some more

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