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Top Images of 2016
12/21: Gone Swimming
December 21, 2016
There were some tough races out there this year, and not everyone managed to make it to the finish line upright and dry.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/20: Bears Hit Boom
December 20, 2016
This one is painful to post, but tells too much story not to.  With Cal leading Thames Rowing Club in the final of the Visitors' at Henley, the Bears were steering into the boom just 15 meters before the finish line.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/19: World Cup Crab
December 19, 2016
A brutal end to the M4- final at World Cup II in Lucerne.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/18: CRASH-B Mask
December 18, 2016
This photo from CRASH-B's last year.  Just seems like a terrible experience, however I'm 83% sure this was during the warm-up.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/17: Henley Backsplash
December 17, 2016
This one definitely qualifies for the lighter side of rowing.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/16: Drexel Breakage
December 16, 2016
I know you're supposed to raise a hand when your crew has breakage, but raising the whole oar is a bit much.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/15: Michigan Cox Toss
December 15, 2016
Michigan's Men's Varsity 8+ won the ACRA title, then unofficially won the award for best cox toss (distance category) following the medal ceremony.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/14: Golden Bears Win NCAA Team Title
December 14, 2016
The Cal Bear women won the NCAA D1 team championship following wins in the V4 and 2V8 and a silver in the V8.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/13: Cox Stroke
December 13, 2016
This photo is following the medal ceremony for the Women's Varsity 8+ event at Dad Vails.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/12: Brookes Takes Temple
December 12, 2016
Love the emotion in this shot of Oxford Brookes' stern pair following their win the Temple Challenge Cup final at the Henley Royal Regatta.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/11: The Octuple
December 11, 2016
Some pretty sharp bladework from the Hampton Roads 8x that raced in the Grand Challenge Octuple Event at the Scullers Head of the Potomac this fall.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/10: The Gator Dab
December 10, 2016

The Dab reached critical mass in 2016, concluding with the Florida Women's 2nd Novice 8+ going all in following their silver medal performance at the ACRA National Championships.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/9: Coxswain Pikachu
December 9, 2016
Former USA Olympic Coxswain (2008) Marcus McElhenney coxes the Union Boat Club entry in the Mixed 8+ event at the Head Of The Charles.  As Pikachu.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/8: Columbia Busts Streak
December 8, 2016
The Columbia Lightweight Varsity 8+ won the IRA over previously unbeaten Yale for the program's first lightweight eight championship in program history.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/7: Riverside Ejection
December 7, 2016
Ah, the ejector crab; the Holy Grail of rowing photography.  more

Top Images of 2016
12/6: FIT Wins Vails
December 6, 2016
This photo was taken from the rail bridge just passed the finish line following the Men's Varsity 8+ final at the Dad Vail Regatta.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/5: Rough Water
December 5, 2016
There were truly biblical conditions for the 151st Harvard/Yale race in 2016.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/4: Best Seat in the House
December 4, 2016
The Dartmouth bow man has the best seat in the house for the men's second varsity 8+ repechage at the IRA Regatta on Mercer Lake.    more

Top Images of 2016
12/3: Chaminade Celebration
December 3, 2016
Love this shot of Chaminade celebrating their win the Boys Junior 8+ Final at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta!  more

Top Images of 2016
12/2: Olympic M1x Duel
December 2, 2016
In what will go down as one of the best and closest Olympic Finals in history, Mahe Drysale of New Zealand defeated Damir Martin of Croatia by less than the length of a bow ball, each finishing with 6:41.34.  more

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