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August 29, 2012
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Water-tight, crush-proof, and still lap-friendly

Rowing Hacks went on a bit of a water bottle jag over the summer--with the Socked Water Bottle and the Bottle Bumper--and those tips prompted one coach to share yet another, and here it is: The Water Bottle Tool Kit, Cox'n Edition.

Everyone loves a coxswain who has the right tool at the right moment, and if you are a coxswain on the hunt for a handy, water-tight, crush-proof, and yet lap-friendly place to stow those tools, might we suggest a water bottle? A wide-mouthed Nalgene to be exact: it fits everything short of a full size 3/4 wrench, will hold a full eights worth of 7/16's for an all-hands-on de-rigging session, and there's room left over for a few small spare parts.

The coach who suggested this one claims it was something that his varsity coxswain hacked up on her own, complete with a few spare nuts and snap-on height washers. We've seen the Nalgene wrench "box" before--it is neat trick national team coaches use when trying to pack compactly for jaunts to European regattas--but the tip that took this one to the next level was this coxswain's add-in: the water bottle didn't just keep her tools together and un-rusty, it also provided a dry place for her coxswain notepad. Now that is a slick trick.

Of course, many coxswains out there are already humping eight water bottles to the dock for their rowers, but we think this extra bottle would easily be filled with enough useful stuff to make it a worthy ninth.

Are you a coxswain with a neat hack for getting your job done? Share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

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09/05/2012  2:34:21 AM
Rather than a water bottle I use a more lightweight and wider mouthed plastic peanut butter jar. And while I have one for hardware (nuts and bolts) my primary use is for bandaids and finger tape. It is light enough that I can toss it out to rowers from my launch without severely klunking a granite-gripped rower on the head. They have everything they need and the wrappers go back in the jar instead of the bottom of the boat.

08/30/2012  4:50:09 AM
You can also wrap about 10ft of duct tape around the outside of the bottle, which is an old rock-climber's trick that has saved my ass more than once when gear broke a long way from help in the Alps. I might add some electrical tape to mine when I hack it up.

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