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ORCA Ocean Rowing Challenge
VVHTV  · February 20, 2008
VVH-TV Special Report on ORCA Ocean Rowing Challenge. Orca has become the first multihull to be rowed across any of the world's oceans 2007/2008 from East to West. Captain Roy Finlay and his crew of three Denis Richardson, Chris Cuddihy and Ronnie Desiderio left Puerto de Mogan (Canary Islands) on December 15. 2007. They rowed across the Atlantic Ocean to Barbados and arrived on January 20, 2008. It was the first time in history that a multihull rowboat crossed the ocean. This hair raising adventure took 36 days. Capt. Finlay of Sag Harbor and his team built the Orca a unique multi-hull vessel. For more information on the ORCA please visit their website www.AtlanticOrca.Com (c) WVVH-TV 2008 All Rights Reserved

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