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Rowing Hacks: Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Rowing Hacker
December 17, 2020
John FX Flynn

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Stumped on what to get the Rowing Hacker in your boathouse for a sweet but also "useful to the effort" holiday gift? We're here to help you give that special someone the gift of hacking.

Now, assuming you ignored last week's obvious suggestion and didn't run out to get yourself a light timer for your Hacker to use for rigging up the cox box charging station--and ignoring the fact that most Hackers really prefer to work with discarded socks, old straps, and the occasional lost hair tie when it comes to hacking--we have this list of "go-to Hacker stuff" that you could pick up easily, and that they could definitely put to good use:

Go the gadget route and get them an electronic digital angle finder - sure, they could just keep using the app on their phone for this, but having a slick bit of purpose built electronics to further impress folks who already think rigging is a magical art? That's a good gift!

Go the cool tool route and get them a flexible extension power drill attachment - and let your rigger indulge their inner NASCAR pit crew fantasies with this flexing, spring-like attachment that lets you rig and derig without worrying about over-tightening or stripped bolts.

Go the "you'll think of me when this comes in handy" route and give them a bagful of nylon wing-nuts - perfect for both emergency use and for a perhaps a long-shelved ambition to outfit all the boats with plastic wing nuts to speed things up on de-rigging days. Be sure to pick up both M8 and 1/4-20 sizes, so they can wing-nut all boats, foreign and domestic.

Go the "secret sauce" route and hook your Hacker up with the rust protection lube that the wakamole-wielding pros swear by: Boeshield T-9--your hacker, and the wheel bearings in all your seats, will thank you.

If all of that just seems too complicated and you want to keep it simple, and cheap, then just remember, you can't go wrong with a carabiner or two, some magnet tape, or that ultimate go-to: a mix-pack of electrical tape.

Or you can just give them a length of PVC and let them hack up their own gift! But, whatever you do, don't gift them a tool-box--that is a very personal item that must be picked, and field-tested, by the Hacker alone--or insult their Hacking ingenuity with a roll of duct-tape.

If you have a cool hacker gift for the fixer in your boathouse please share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

Have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion here? Send it to us!

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