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Erg Technique Hack Redux: Slide Length on the Erg
July 9, 2020
John FX Flynn

There is still a whole lotta erging going on, and the machine could be a big part of our training for a while longer.

With all those meters racking up, though, you probably don't want to get too far away from the kind of good technique and skills that will be a a premium again once we all head back out on the water, and row2k has you covered with some great tips and erg tricks from the archives that can help you add some helpful self-coaching into your erg workouts.

Here is a trick that will keep you from over-compressing (or under compressing, see below) on the long slide of the erg, making sure that you are driving from a strong catch position each stroke—and not getting used to connecting differently than you might on the water: The Bungee Front-Stop.

As an added bonus, this trick also helps folks who under-compress - just touch the bungee now and then), and can be handy to learn how to keep the slide long, and the strokes full-length on higher rating pieces, too.

So, put some thought into HOW your are doing your erging, and watch it pay extra dividends back in the boat.

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08/05/2020  6:16:07 PM
I use a little strip of duct tape aka (duck tape). Works quite well. You noticably feel when you hit it or run over it, but you don't get the feeling of smashing into the front stop as you would with the bungee.

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