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Embracing the Rain, the Fame, and the Pain: What Really Went Down in Rowing Last Week
May 9, 2024
row2k staff

Just the boat name we *didn't* need to see this past weekend

Right as rain? We wish, but since it poured at literally every venue row2k hit this weekend, to include "sunny" California, we are going to start right there...and keep hoping that our gear dries out by Friday when we get out there to do it all over again.

You know it is really coming down when the stake boaters are wringing out their socks, pogies are out in May (at Natoma, of all places), and raindrops are is dripping off noses.

Swipe through to see all that and more here in our collection of "un-faves" from the wet weekend:


Now, let's see who else gets to be "row2k Recap famous"--yeah, that's a thing--this week.

Or, as Mario and Luigi might say:

"Let's-a go!"

row2k photo

Well-played, pair!

Who Needs Cowbells?

Apparently the cool kids think cowbells are for amateurs:

And we even caught the Wakefield guys with a drum--so noisemaking is going up a notch.

Twin Time

Confirming a twin spotting gets a lot easier when they turn up on the medal dock and you can just ask them: "Twins?"

And we figured out who this superfan was rooting for all day when his big brother's crew picked up their hardware:

Helps to have a cheering section!

Body Art Game is Strong in Cali

Who needs markers when you can go straight to temporary tats?

Though we do have to give it up to this coxswain who included a course map when she inked up with her race plan:

Pretty good coxing hack there.

Cox Toss Gone Bad

Caught our first proper coxswain toss of the year, and it didn't go well for the stroke seat:

Good thing her friendly neighborhood row2k photographer was there to warn the crew that might happen, and to take their sunglasses off and secure their medals beforehand. And the coxswain? She came well prepared for the win and the swim, with her own towel!

How it Started...How it Went

This guy's Saturday at Cities:

row2k photo

And then his Sunday at Cities:

row2k photo

Don Bosco coach Marc Monplaisir filled us in on the backstory here:

"This is Andrew Novoselich, a junior. Drew won the Junior Single at the SRAA Garden State Championships earlier this season. His boat was damaged on the trailer ride to City Champs, and our friends from Holy Spirit Boys Crew lent him a boat for this race. After his semifinal, he was crossing over to the recovery dock when his oar collided with an official's launch and broke, resulting in a dip in the Schuylkill. Drew displayed his usual "can do" attitude and went on to win a silver medal!"

Happier ending for sure, in a borrowed boat with also-borrowed oars. Well done, Andrew.

Kids and Their Darn Phones

Spotted mid-race:

"Chill, I just got a notification from row2k..."

And she wasn't the only on on her 'darn phone:'

Definitely a new one on us, but between apps for boat speed, notes for racing, and heck maybe even Google maps, maybe the kids are onto something here.

Mad Skillz

Pretty good trick:

...and essential when three of your crewmates abandon ship so they can get ferried to shore to use the facilities during a ridiculously long breakage delay. Since they didn't send the crews back in, the delay left six eights of girls sitting in the warm up area for an hour, all needing to get shuttled over three at a time to the bathroom.

So maybe, um, don't hydrate so well?


Not just for kids:

We met a few coaches in on the act, too, including the Woodbridge coach, and this guy proudly wearing a "Crew Mom" shirt, which his Washington-Liberty novices gifted to him, with COACH written on his arm.


The Strokes kids weren't the only peek-ers: we caught a few folks peeping down the boat from Marin, San Diego, Capital, and MAC to highlight a few.

Duck on the Dock

Stroke seat got to celebrate her medal with this good luck duck:

...and with her dad, who coaches the crew.

Trusting the Force?

Bold move, but fitting for May the Fourth weekend, and we are sure Grogu would approve:

row2k photo


Got the Carnegie eagle, who is pretty majestic even sitting still, on the wing:

row2k photo

And his Natoma cousin on the hunt:

row2k photo


Who hasn't felt like this in the launch?

row2k photo

Even More Relatable

row2k photo

Or just wanted to sack out altogether?

Tuned In...

row2k photo

Or tuned out?

Who Needs QRS?

The clogs seemed to work just fine for the Boys in the Boat, after all.

row2k photo

This is one of the two wooden "hero" boats built for the movie, both of which MGM sent to UW after filming wrapped. Washington had this one on display, along with oars used in the film, outside the Conibear Shellhouse at this past weekend's Windemere Cup.

Level Beats the Devil

Some catchy coaching here, no question.

row2k photo

Hey, I've heard of that guy

row2k photo

Apparently, before he became "Davy," famous pioneer explorer, he was "David," respectable oarsman and hippie at Wesleyan.

Could They Save It?

row2k photo

Yes, they could--and as you can see in that link, the boat in the next lane over was called Ragnarok, which was probably what flipping at the start felt like for this pair.

Less lucky? The crew in this four, which came back up the course on a launch, just like the rowers did a few races earlier, to wet and cold to race after flipping up at the start,

row2k photo

Tough Kid Award

This kids wasn't about to let a cast keep her from racing:

row2k photo

Would've been fitting if she could have borrowed this oar from the Tufts guys.

row2k photo

And if she ever does, you'll probably ready about it in a future Recap.

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