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What Game Are They Playing?
December 13, 2002
"The lessons of life are learned on the playing fields. Camus said that the only context in which he really learned ethics was sport. Athletes compete, deal.with winning and losing, bond with and resolve conflicts with teammates. They learn to manage their time and multitask. All of this makes them successful in life."  more

Seat-Racing A Twinkie
December 12, 2002
The oars barely clear the puddles, the blades seem to hesitate for weeks above the water and then thrash in with all the grace of a drunken spider doing a belly flop. It's one of those days. You've cajoled, you've cursed, you've thrown your megaphone.

But wait, you think. I know what'll shake them up...  more

Athens Here I Come
December 4, 2002
This little rowing misadventure begins with a Saturday night out on the town with some friends, a few gin and tonics too many, and a woozy feeling of: "I think that I'm forgetting something" as my head hit the pillow at about 3am.  more

Truly memorable, holy-beegeezus crabs
November 1, 2002
We've all seen 'em: big crabs, little crabs, crabs in practice, in racing, full-blown over-the-head ejector crabs, you name it. But even among those, there is that species of crab that stands above the rest: the truly memorable, holy-beejeezus crab.  more

One for the Team
September 1, 2002
This morning at 545am, Joe McDermott a Philadelphia Police Detective in the the Southwest Division (and former Temple University oarsman), was arriving for crew practice at Vesper Boat Club for a boat that is going to Ireland with John Timoney to race the Irish Garde in two weeks.  more

Gym Encounters
Subcontinental Rowing Technique
August 10, 2002
"He responded that this rowing simulator had nothing to do with rowing on water, and that it was only supposed to warm up the body before doing weights, and to cool it down afterwards, in case I didn't like the stationery bike."  more

It All Began with a Flip
March 15, 2002
Since the Eight raced before the single, my coach had no qualms about letting me row the single. He saw it as a good way to tire me out and keep me out of trouble after the races.  more

A Pilgrimage
December 7, 2001
I returned not long ago to my first rowing club; the boathouse I frequented in my summers home from boarding school.  more

From Ground Zero to Cabo: Chris Fenyo Update
September 25, 2001
An update from NYC after 9/11.  more

Yes, I Talk to Myself
July 1, 2001
I know exactly when it started, and why.  more

High School Parents' Row
May 1, 2001
Days, weeks, years, will pass, but now we share a bond that no distance of time can break.  more

April 3, 2001
There is an unsurpassed joy in the quiet of the evening, where the setting sun adds soft colours to the landscape and one can appreciate the unassuming beauty of the sport.  more

Night River
March 1, 2001

February 14, 2001
It has been a little over a year since I started this odyssey; the river is clear and open now, and I take solace in the calmness and softness of its contours in the early morning.  more

Moonlit Row; and A Riddle
February 1, 2001

Traveling? Pack The Rowing Trou
January 1, 2001
We were going to be in Hamburg, Germany visiting friends this past August and so I thought, I wonder if there's a rowing club in Hamburg.  more

Ode to the River
December 10, 2000

The Portland Party Barge
December 1, 2000
On the evening of Tuesday, December 12th, 2000, a group of hearty rowers in Portland, Oregon embarked on the first (maybe annual) Holiday Rowing Excursion.  more

November 1, 2000
The racing season is over, for me at least, and to be honest, I am relieved.  more

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