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Philly Fish, Schuylkill Surf, and Over-GoPro-ing: What's Really Been Going Down On The Water Lately
March 21, 2024
row2k staff

Tangling with the fauna at Pacific Invite.

Time to get into the weeds of what went down in the first few weeks of spring racing--might still be March, but crew season is full go all over. Let's Recap...

A Philly Fish Story

Won't need much exaggerating here:

The Drexel-LaSalle racing definitely scared a big one out of the water.

Sure Sign of Spring (Break)

Tell us you've been doing two-a-day rows all week, without telling us...

Flips Ain't Just A Philly Thing

We might have seen our first flip just an hour into the first Flick this year, but it is part of racing and happens all over, like here at the Pacific Invite:

Ridin' with Eeyore

Solid co-pilot work at the Polar Bear regatta by Eeyore...

Question is, can we get an "In the Driver's Seat" from his POV?

Too Soon?

You tell us:

(we think maybe, just a bit...)

Needs More, You Know...

Can't properly regatta without your cowbells these days--though as we pointed out to one crew dad cheering for another school who rued forgetting his clanger, they do all sound the same out on the water, so you can let the other team do the heavy 'ringing.'

Who St. Paddie'd the best?

We figured a regatta on St Patrick's Day would be good for a bit of green, and Philly did not disappoint on Sunday, but who did it better:

Bow ties in the boat?

The crazy hatter?

Or the full-on gone-green guy?

Spirited Start to Spring

Looks like the leg art game is strong right outta the gate this year:

And we already caught one coxswain with a full race plan sharpie-d onto her thigh.

Photog Life

Gotta hand it to this kid: that's a pretty good perch.

Surfing the Schuylkill

The afternoon breeze made things bouncy and a little frothy in Philly during the first Flick:

But the kids were still all smiles:

Camera Mugging...Not Just for Kids

Good to see the responsible adults getting in on the fun.

Aye, Aye Captain

Coxswain in a captain's hat? Seems about right.

row2k photo

And bonus points for the cat whiskers, which we spotted more than one of the Robinson coxswains sporting.

Mascot, Or...?

row2k photo

Maybe the guardian of the gear pile?

Overdo-ing the GoPro-ing?

row2k photo

Ok, we've seen them on coxswains, and even a guy on an erg in the last Recap, but this set up seems like a lot for the first race of the season.

Caleb Hearts Rishi

row2k photo

Hey, if it's on the white board, it's official!

Um, Stake-kayaks?

When in Tempe, we guess:

row2k photo

Definitely not as comfortable as this set up at the Fault Line Faceoff, though:

row2k photo

Can't wait to see what we spot this week!

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