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Flexes, Flips, and Hippos: Everything Worth Knowing From Last Weekend in Rowing
May 24, 2023
row2k staff

Maybe not what you want to see on a train car crossing the bridge while you race

Our ears might still be ringing from the decibels thrown down by the Bishop O'Connell team and the rest of the packed Grandstand in Philly this weekend, but we saw a lotta fun stuff, so here we go:

Starting With, Event 31, Naturally

The first final of the afternoon at Stotes is not event #1; that comes second. Instead, we started with the newest event, and thus #31 in the previously 30-event regatta: the Inclusion/Adaptive Double.

Sam Wang (left) and Peter Jacovini from Conestoga received their medals from USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus
Sam Wang (left) and Peter Jacovini from Conestoga received their medals from USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus

This year's winners were Sam Wang (left) and Peter Jacovini from Conestoga.

Coxswain Flip For The Win

She's probably had some practice, since Mount St Joe's does a fair bit of this winning Stotes thing, but the Mount coxswain definitely threw a flip in when she got tossed in the Schuylkill:

Her team followed, of course, as you can see in this sequence. Wisely, they all tucked their medals into their unis, cuz if you don't, they might just get lost in the water, which definitely happened to a few St. Joe's Prep guys a few minutes later here.

Whew, Good Thing Someone Remembered the Hippo

Man vs Oarlock

We are assuming man won, because URI took second in the heat and made Sunday's final, where they took fourth.

Stotes Goes Way Back

The Stotesbury Cup Regatta has a long history--it will turn 100 in 2027--and creates lifelong connections, like Dr. Richard Kreipe here, who turned up nattily dressed and wearing this competitor ribbon from 1966 on his blazer. From LaSalle College High School's Class of 1967, Kriepe won the Stotesbury Cup Regatta's Sonzogni Cup in the Boys Senior Quad, part of a four year streak for LaSalle from 1964-1967 (and broken, coincidentally enough, by the same school that won the Sonzogni Cup this year: Haverford).

More Twins!

The twins finished first in the final, and their teammates won the silver, so... twins for the win.

Doubling Down on Al Dente

Hey, when you are Madison Crew and your boat's name is cool enough to make the row2k 'Best Boat Names (so far)' list, you might write it all over your arms to let folks to know about it, too, right?

You go, Al Dente.

And Another Best Boat Contender

Or, at least, one you might need to Google if you are not up to speed on your influential anime series knowledge. (Don't worry, we did look it up for you, and ourselves, right here.)

We also got another submission for our next Best Boat Names feature--Desert Dog--as a Photo of the Day this week and folks have been emailing us some good ones, too. Look for the next installment soon, and send us your contenders here.

Who Did It Better?

Fair bit of costume shenanigans with the North West Juniors, so you scroll through and decide for yourself:


And Who Did it Best?

The Cowgirls?

Or the Coxswain?

Who, by the way, was celebrating his second Stotes gold in two years by rowing the bow seat for the 1000 meters back up to the St. Joe's boathouse.

Ka-Chow is Back

The Whitman crew went all in on Lightning McQueen:

And, when you figure that A: it worked for them at WMIRAs, and B: these are all kids who probably grew up watching the Cars DVD on repeat in their younger days, maybe they just "wanted to give the folks a little sizzle" as McQueen might say.

Eagle Two-fer

We are starting to wonder if the eagles are looking for us now... here is a pair from Vancouver Lake at Northwests:

Caught on Drone

We mentioned this one in our ACRA report, but you just never know when the drone is watching:

The drones at ACRA also caught some close up video of one sculler after she flipped mid-race, getting back in her boat. Big Brother sees all, whew.

Only in Philly

Seeing this logo on fellow Stotes' spectator's jacket:

One parent said, "I like that jacket - F rowing, ha!' Response: 'It stands for Fairfield, c'mon!'

A Strong Rainy Day Sunglasses Game

Some Serious Rigger Motivation

When the Party's Over...

You get home as best you can:

row2k photo

and, finally:

Orange You Glad It's Almost NCAA Time?

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