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Rowing Hack: The In-Truck Coffee Cranker
March 31, 2022
John FX Flynn

As we hit prime truck-and-trailer season, this hack from Coach Jenna Hetzell will keep you caffeinated all the way to the race course: The In-Truck Coffee Cranker.

That's right, just grab your Mr. Coffee from the kitchen, and you can crank out your own coffee on the way.

Hetzell hacked this up on the spring break drive to South Carolina with the URI's co-ed club team, and as you can see, Head Coach Tim Nesselrodt was one happy guzzler with that full pot close at hand.

Truth be told, Hetzell is actually a professional when it comes to coffee hacks: she recently started her own java business in Rhode Island--Seaworthy Coffee Roasters--and draws heavily on her experiences as a rower in the business, churning out roasts like Engine Room Espresso, Way Enough Swiss Water Decaf, Even Keel, and the Boathouse Blend they enjoyed on this trip.

A genius hack to brew it right in the truck? We think so. After all, the cup of coffee you might be enjoying as you roll out never lasts as long as that first tank of gas.

This Trailer Trick ensures your cup will never run dry, saving you from sketchy "how long has this been sitting here" gas station java--and even making up for the fact that there are not nearly as many Starbucks-adjacent gas stops out there as we'd all like.

As a bonus, a lot of trucks now come with ready-to-go AC power outlets, so if your ride is new enough, you can even pull off this trick without messing around with power inverters and the like to get brewing.

You'd be happier in this line with a fresh pot of joe, right?
You'd be happier in this line with a fresh pot of joe, right?

Bonus #2? Having a steady supply of just-brewed go-juice near to hand all regatta long, just waiting for you in the truck. That will make you either the most energized coach in the boat yard, or the most popular, if not both.

So, stay coffee-d up all the way to Race Day by equipping your truck with this hack, and doing a little brew-it-yourself for you and your co-pilot on your next trailer trip.

Do you have a cool trailering trick, or maybe a neat "get your coffee fix" hack that you rely on? If so, share your tips--and hacks--in the comments below.

If you have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion, then please send it to us, too, and we will feature your idea in a future column.

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[email protected]
04/01/2022  9:21:12 AM
I think the point is not to need pots of coffee in the first place. We all know of trailer drivers going cross-country alone nearly nonstop. Having had a Class A license and taking all those classes, it's a wonder to me how rowing gets away with hauling loads as long as a semi without regulation, professional training and logging hours and rest. In fact, many universities are now requiring it.

03/31/2022  8:23:13 AM
I have to ask...what about speed bumps?

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