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Lindsay Meyer
March 4, 2009
Erik Dresser,

Lindsay (2 seat) during the Olympic repechage

In 2008, nineteen year old Lindsay Meyer made her first U.S. Senior National team boat, racing in the Women's 4x at the Beijing Olympics. Lindsay's crew placed fifth in the event and this past fall she enrolled as freshmen at Stanford University.

row2k: Now that you've had time to reflect on your first Olympics last year, what are some of your lasting impressions and what was one thing you learned?
Lindsay Meyer: The entirety of last year is still surreal for me. It took me a long time to learn how to deal with the new stresses that come with being in a camp situation 24/7 for the whole year, especially trying to keep my mind away from rowing when I wasn't at practice. I remember dinner the last night before our final day of seat racing, sitting there with a million different things running through my mind, practically shaking I was so nervous and ready to have it done with. I still sometimes feel like the year wasn't complete. I loved racing with my boat, and I am so proud of everything we did and all of the work we put in, but it still feels like it can't be over because we had so much more to prove. I think the biggest thing I learned last year was to be proud of my accomplishments but still always strive for more.

row2k: You're now a freshmen at Stanford; did you ever think you would be an Olympian before you were a freshman?
Lindsay Meyer: It was a goal in the back of my mind from 2005 on to make 2008, but I don't know if I ever thought I'd actually make it. I never really thought of it as being an olympian before my freshman year, though I was reminded quite often from all sides that it was a very lofty goal to achieve because of my age and that maybe I should just wait for 2012. It was always a goal without a time or a life stage associated with it.

row2k: How is training as a student-athlete with the Cardinal different than with the national team?
Lindsay Meyer: It's definitely been an adjustment to get back into balancing school work with rowing. Fall quarter was a bit of a shock school wise, but I'm getting the hang of it again. It has been nice to have something to focus on outside of crew, I definitely struggled with not having anything to think about other than rowing last year.

row2k: Fellow Olympic teammate Elle Logan is also a teammate of yours at Stanford, is life on campus different for Olympians?
Lindsay Meyer: Not really. We get asked to participate in functions every once in a while and there was a bit more hype at the beginning of the year, but for the most part it doesn't really come up much. Everyone here has something about them that is amazing, but, of the people I've met, no one ever seems to advertise it. I think that's one of my favorite parts about this school. I live in a dorm with, among others, a now professional dancer, a national team rugby player who is also an accomplished flautist, and two amazing singers, one of whom opened for the up and coming singer Jazmine Sullivan. The best thing is that no one brags about their accomplishments.

row2k: Do you prefer sculling or sweep rowing, and how much sculling do you get in these days?
Lindsay Meyer: I enjoy both, but I am definitely a sculler at heart. I love rowing with my team and it is fun to get to do something different for a while, but I miss rowing the single. I don't get out too often, though I have been able to go out with some of my teammates in a 2x.

row2k: What are your goals for this year's collegiate season and are you planning to continue with the national team again this summer?
Lindsay Meyer: Our team's goal for this season is to win a national title, much like any college. My personal goals are pretty standard, improve my erg score, improve my rowing, and survive my first spring college racing season. I want to do everything I can to help my team win. I will continue with the national team this summer.

row2k: Are you gunning for London?
Lindsay Meyer: Definitely.

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03/06/2009  5:07:56 PM
How rude, Chalupa_Fan. This is not the Way of the Warrior. What would Vaclav say if he knew you were being so embarrassingly snide and petty? Shame on you.

Cheers, LM!

03/05/2009  10:44:44 AM
OK not the best picture, but kdgh and Chalupa_Fan, you can carp after you have accomplished 1/3 of what Lindsay accomplished by the time she was 18. 1st medal - ever - for a junior woman in sculling in the Jr. Worlds @ 17, and a gold medal U23 4x @ 18.

03/04/2009  7:41:18 AM
There's got to be a better picture. She's late and looking out of the boat whilst racing at the Olympics.

03/05/2009  7:50:53 AM
When you place higher than 5th at the Olympics, then you can talk.

03/05/2009  10:05:27 AM
I forgot to mention her shoulders are higher than her chin.

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