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This Week's Best of Rowing on Instagram 8/18/2017

Erik Dresser

August 18, 2017

"This is SO cute, I wanna get a print of it for my room" -2 seat from this boat #SummerRowing #HadMeABlast #GottaBlast #MaximumOverdrive

A post shared by Drexel Women's Rowing (@drexelwomensrowing) on


Clap your hands and let's dance! #claphands #fundaymonday #makesomenoise

A post shared by Nico (@ni.stahlberg) on


Masters catching the sunrise ?? picture credit: @dgangly #GOMRC #sculling #rowing

A post shared by Maritime Rowing Club (@maritime_rowing_club) on


Summer break? Nothing's getting in the way of keeping our speed free #vroomvroom

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