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Top Images of 2016 - 12/31: Third Straight for Women's Eight
row2k photo
USA W8+ Olympic Champions

Erik Dresser

December 31, 2016
The USA Women's Eight won their third straight Olympic gold in July and ran their streak of world or Olympic titles to 11, dating back to the 2006 World Championships.

Some stats for the 11 wins:

-29 total athletes

-19 athletes have won at least one Olympic gold

-Largest margin of victory: 2013 at 4.9 seconds

-Smallest margin of victory: 2011 at 0.7 seconds

-Crew with most world titles: 2011 with 47

-Crew with least world titles: 2009 and 2015 with 35

-Average margin of victory: 2.3 seconds

-Athletes with 8 wins: Lind

-Athletes with 7 wins: Musnicki

-Athletes with 6 wins: Logan, Francia, Whipple, Polk

-Athletes with 5 wins: Goodale, Snyder

-Athletes with 4 wins: Davies, Shoop, Schmetterling

-Athletes with 3 wins: Cafaro, Mickelson, Ritzel, Lofgren, Simmonds, Regan, Opitz

-Athletes with 2 wins: Sickler, Redman, Glessner, Luczak, Robbins, Gobbo

-Athletes with 1 win: Cooke, Magee, Allen, Larsen-Strecker, Elmore

Photo by Ed Hewitt.

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