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row2k 2011 Worlds Blog

Tales From the Cold Plunge
Megan Kalmoe
August 31, 2011
It’s been an exciting couple of days for the W4X.    ...Read More

Getting to London, Second Look
John FX Flynn
August 31, 2011
  Wednesday's racing had six of the remaining 13 Olympic events in the balance for the US, and while none of the crews locked up the chance to move on, the morning ended with five crews "still alive" in the hunt for London.    ...Read More

Spicing It Up Before Racing
Jimmy Sopko
August 31, 2011
Here's a video of us doing a few spice pieces (40 sec on 20 sec off) in preparation for our upcoming races.    ...Read More

Five Stars for Dockside Service
Gevvie Stone
August 30, 2011
On Sunday (the day of my heat), I went down to the course, did my pre-race jog, stretched, etc.    ...Read More

Getting to London, First Look
John FX Flynn
August 30, 2011
Getting to London is the massive subtext of the Bled Worlds, as we discussed earlier in the week.    ...Read More

...the Races Begin!
Trish Downing
August 29, 2011
This week has been a whole new experience for me with a lot to take in!    ...Read More

And it’s almost race time!
Jamie Redman
August 28, 2011
With every practice, we see more reminders that racing is *just* around the corner.    ...Read More

We're All Friends Here...
Megan Kalmoe
August 27, 2011
We've got just one day to go until racing begins for the W4X at this year's World Championships.    ...Read More

Bee Aggressive
Jimmy Sopko
August 26, 2011
As racing comes closer and closer, the adrenaline begins to flow a little more.    ...Read More

The Red, White, and. . Red
Rares Crisan
August 26, 2011