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Collegiate Women: Kansas State University vs. University of Kansas
April 9, 2005; Tuttle Creek Lake, Manhattan, KS

Submitted by Paula Donald.

Distance: approx 2000m
Wind: 15-18mph mostly from starboard, but slight tail aspect to wind
Water: moderate chop, increasing as races progressed; race order was 1V, 2V, 1N, 2N; white caps on part of course for 2V, 1N and 2N
Current: none
Comments: All starts were floating starts; thus each race was a variable amount less than 2k. Races were along bouyed course.


Varsity 8:
Kansas 6:36.6
Kansas State 6:45.6

2nd Varsity 8:
Kansas State 6:32.8
Kansas 6:33.3

Novice 8:
Kansas State 6:35.0
Kansas 6:35.6

2nd Novice 8:
Kansas State 7:25.2
Kansas 8:14.5