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How to politely collide with someone.
Kourtney de Haas  · November 25, 2008
Another fine example of a NYAC alumnus politely colliding with a recreational single.

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11/26/2008  8:02:25 AM
Wait, don't go! It was immaculate conception! Oh, the humanity! Don't these people know they are dealing with a GOD here? I mean, I think people just don't understand deities these days. You think this video was an accident?


11/26/2008  8:00:08 AM
LOVE CHILD? Mike, I thought I was your one and only! Goodbye world, I can't take the sadness. Let my epitaph pay tribute to Tim Curry, all his fine movies and his faithful understudies. Somebody had to answer the call!

11/26/2008  7:58:31 AM
OMFG!!!!! I WAS YOUR COXSWAIN! Guys, let's have a reunion! Mike call me! Call me! I always loved you! Oh baby, what a year. First the love child and now this! Heartache.

11/26/2008  7:56:26 AM
Mike--is that you? Gawd, you've changed. Don't you remember we rowed the mixed lightweight coxed pair at trials in 1994?

11/26/2008  7:52:56 AM
Ladies, PLEASE! I'm the guy in the video, Mike Schmoronoff. There's plenty of me to go around for everyone. You know they don't give NYAC jerseys away for free, right? You gotta earn those threads! Now who wants to foxtrot?

11/26/2008  7:48:18 AM
Girl, you couldn't steer your way around a duck fart. Back off, I'm warning you. This guy has hands that will make my lats sing!

11/26/2008  7:45:57 AM
Back off, sister! Everyone knows you're just a gold-digging worthless 3 seat rower! Can't you see he needs a coxswain like me?

11/26/2008  7:44:04 AM
Oh no you don't! I claimed him first! You know I have a thing for Tim Curry lookalikes!

11/26/2008  7:42:02 AM
I saw him first! He's mine!

11/26/2008  7:36:37 AM
He's so dreamy! I bet he drives a Mercedes. I wonder if he's married?

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