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FKT for Death Valley 2k
Dan Lynch  · July 22, 2022
At 282 feet (85.5 meters) below sea level, Badwater Basin in Death Valley California is not a place you’d want to Erg a 2,000m TT too often, but at least once in your life, if the circumstances present themselves, I say ‘Why not?’ And before you shake your head in disbelief, just know there were four other people who took a brief turn on the RowErg before I started, one was a former German rower (female) who was kind enough to film a bit before the iPhone over heated, but she also called out an impromptu race plan! Oh, did I mention, it was about 12:45 in the afternoon, 119°F (48.33°C), and the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere. My time, well, I wasn’t about to go crazy in that heat, so I’ll take the 7:34.6 (1:53.6) at SR=26 as a ‘below sea level’ PB and a fun Erg story for the ages!! (Did I mention that four hours later, I did yet another 2k at 8,365’ altitude (Mount Whitney Portal), this time with much less oxygen and an 8:04.5 SR=24!

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