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2013 Navy Day 03 MOpen 1X Battle At The Bridge
CommunityOrganizer1  · October 14, 2013
Mens Open 1X Final, Navy Day Regatta, October 12, 2013, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA. At 0:45, Bow #24 gets tangled up with Bow #19 at the rail bridge, probably costing Bow #24 at least 8.97 seconds. Nice flip of a single, center of the screen, at 1:44. Pleasant day on the Schuylkill, temps at race time around 62 F, light crossing tail wind on this section of the course. However, there was significant debris on the river as there had been rain the preceding few days. Camera placed on the East bank of the Schuylkill River, just upstream of the Gerard Avenue Bridge and closer stone rail bridge which is in the foreground of much of the footage. The upstream straightaway starts just after the turn following the Columbia Street Bridge, which is occluded by the trees, camera right. Schuylkill River conditions at 10/12/2013, 09:00 Eastern Time: Stage 7.4 ft., 8.06 kcfs.

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10/15/2013  5:42:23 AM
What was bow 24 doing? Clearly that guy is dangerous and shouldn't be out there. He runs right in to bow #19 - who it looked like was having a great race - and then clogs up the river for everyone else. I just hope that guy isn't racing in the Champ 1x at the Charles.

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