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If you count on row2k, row2k needs to count on you; it is expensive and labor-intensive work, and we can't keep it coming otherwise. If you:
  • follow your team, kids, rankings, championship runup, and more on row2k
  • get crucial updates on upcoming events on row2k
  • followed the Worlds and Olympics on row2k;
  • followed the big head races, spring racing season, Sprints, Pac-10s, high school championships, NCAA's, IRA's, and more on row2k;
  • enjoy the dozens to hundreds of photos we put up after every regatta we attend, for free and without registration;
  • send email postcards to your friends and family;
  • count on row2k for regatta schedules, results and announcements, or even de facto regatta management;
  • email your results to your school, club, friends, and family;
  • have bought and sold equipment using our Classifieds;
  • have found or filled a job using our Classifieds;
  • count on row2k to keep up with the world of rowing;
please participate in our fund drive, and support the site. Magazines have paying subscribers, associations have paying members - row2k needs supporters to keep the service coming.
Already a row2k supporter in fall 2009 or in 2010?
We have sent a bypass link to everyone who gave in these fund drives; if you gave at that time but did not receive the link, it is possible that we had a bad address, the mail bounced, or some other problem occurred; Click here and we'll send the link.

Some brief testimonials:
  • Thanks for everything you do. Your site is a great service to rowing. - Steve
  • Hi guys, love your website. It has drawn me back to rowing. - Lee
  • Keep up the great work; I'd certainly miss my twice-a-day fix of row2k. - James
  • Just a quick note to thank you for the GREAT Olympic coverage. It was the first place we went to for accurate results and the only place for real background information. - Mike
  • Ed, we find we can't live without you. We awake each day hungrily searching for rowing news in the mass media, only to be disappointed by the pushers of pro sports. What do we get? Millimeters of column space even following the largest events in our beloved sport. Our hunger builds until row2k rewards us with updated results, "just-ins" and "news of the odd." What would we do without you? Whatarewegonnadoaboutit? Send more dough, of course. - Will
  • I Love You Guys - cheers. - Anonymous
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