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EARC LW Men: Platt Cup and Harriet Trophy: OFFICIAL Results Cornell Princeton
April 14, 2018; Lake Carnegie

Submitted by Princeton Coaching Staff.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Tailwind. 10-12mph. Same for all races.
Comments: These results are the OFFICIAL official results from the finish line that were MIA for a few hours after the races. Thanks again for all the volunteer help.


Varsity 8
Princeton 5:35.0
Cornell 5:38.2

2nd Varsity 8
Cornell 5:44.8
Princeton 5:48.2

3rd Varsity 8:
Cornell 5:48.1
Princeton 5:49.4

Princeton 5:58.4
Cornell 6:03.1
Princeton 5V 6:32.5

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