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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls ,Phillips Andover, Tabor, Phillips Exeter --David Swift Points Trophy
May 12, 2018; Merrimack River, Methuen MA

Submitted by Ellen Minzner.

Distance: 1650
Conditions: Flat conditions with slight tail current, light, variable headwind.
Comments: Congratulations to Exeter for winning the David Swift Trophy for combined boys and girls point. Thanks to Exeter and Tabor coaches and crews for making the trip.


First Boat
Andover 5:11.0
Exeter 5:18.1
Tabor 5:37.7

Second Boat
Exeter 5:25.9
Andover 5:35.5
Tabor 6:00.3

Third Boat
Exeter 5:37.2
Andover 5:46.0
Tabor 6:10.8

Fourth Boat
Exeter 5:43.7
Andover 5:52.7
Tabor 6:30.9

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