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Collegiate Women: Temple/Drexel/Duquesne/Princeton Lightweights
April 1, 2017; Lake Carnegie

Submitted by Rebecca Grzybowski, Temple.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Strong gusting headwind with white caps/rollers on first half of course. Order of racing: 1V8, 2V8, 3V8, V4, 2V4 Contrary to anticipation, conditions improved by the fours racing.
Comments: In the 2V8 race, Drexel popped oarlock at 1250m - they were up by 5 seats closed to that point.

Big thank you to P'ton LW's for last minute hosting due to Schuylkill flooding!


Varsity 8
Princeton LW 7:20.07
Drexel 7:21.94
Duquesne 7:29.43
Temple 7:31.19

2nd Varsity 8
Temple 7:44.07
Princeton LW 7:51.86
Duquesne 7:58.89
Drexel 8:01.43

Varsity Four
Drexel 8:13.33
Temple 8:21.91
Duquesne 9:06.02

3rd Varsity Eight:
Drexel 3V 7:54.37
Temple N8 7:59.94
Duquesne 8:27.61
Drexel N8 8:35.67
Princeton LW 8:45.31

2nd Varsity Four:
Temple 2V4 8:36.93
Duquesne 8:45.21
Temple N4 9:06.09

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