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EARC LW Men: Johnson Cup & Van Amringe Trophy: U. S. Naval Academy v. Yale University
March 30, 2019; Mercer Lake, West Windsor, NJ

Submitted by Jane Leeds.

Distance: 2000 meters
Conditions: Variable crosswind, especially in the first 500.
Comments: Thanks to PNRA for hosting, and Kris Grudt for refereeing. Yale wins Johnson Cup and also the inaugural Jon Van Amringe Trophy for team points.


Varsity 8
Yale 6:04.2
Navy 6:06.7

2nd Varsity 8
Yale 6:11.1
Navy 6:14.0

3rd Varsity 8:
Yale 6:17.9
Navy 6:22.2

Yale 6:12.9
Navy 6:16.7

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