Junior: Greater Lawrence Rowing vs. Essex vs. Methuen
May 9, 2018; Merrimack River, Lawrence MA

Submitted by Annie Devorak.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: Approximate 2000 meter curved course. Floating quick starts. All boats within each heat rowed relatively similar distances considering the slight turn. Strong and steady headwind against the current caused significant chop and whitecaps consistent through all 2000 meters of every heat.
Comments: For comparative heats: Heat 1: Women's 1V 4+s Heat 2: Women's Novice 8+s Heat 3: Men's 2V 8+s and Men's Novice 8+ Heat 4: Men's 1V8+s Heat 5: Women's 2/3V 8+s Heat 6: (Started ~100 meters through start) Men's 1V4+s and Women's 1V8+


Men's Racing

Men's 1V Eight:
Greater Lawrence 7:03.28
Essex 7:10.22

Mens 2V Eight:
Essex 7:18.20
Greater Lawrence 7:22.99

Mens Novice Eight:
Greater Lawrence 8:00.09

Mens 1V Four:
Greater Lawrence 7:32.34
Methuen 8:41.15

Women's Racing

Women's 1V Eight:
Greater Lawrence 7:26.21

Women's 2/3V Eight:
Greater Lawrence A 8:05.88
Methuen/Essex Composite 8:34.35
Greater Lawrence B 8:54.76

Women's Novice Eight:
Essex 8:53.77
Greater Lawrence 8:56.95

Women's 1V Four:
Greater Lawrence 8:17.07
Methuen 8:57.27

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