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Collegiate Women: 51st Little Three Regatta: Williams vs. Wesleyan, Amherst
April 20, 2019; Lake Onota, Pittsfield, MA

Submitted by Kate Maloney, Williams Women's Rowing Head Coach.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Diminishing SE crosswind (pushing down to port) throughout racing from 7mph to nominal. Slight chop. Steady rain. Order of events: 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V. Pretty decent racing conditions for Onota!
Comments: Congratulations to the Wesleyan 1V women on their third straight Little Three varsity victory. Great racing by all crews. Thanks to a great ref crew of Ron O'Connor, Arne Arnesen and Ned Wright. Special thanks to Pim Goodbody for his excellent finish line flag skills!


Varsity 8
Wesleyan 6:59.17
Williams 7:02.92
Amherst 7:30.18

2nd Varsity 8
Williams 7:19.70
Wesleyan 7:21.32
Amherst 7:55.94

Williams 7:33.33
Wesleyan 7:52.23
Amherst 7:53.13

4V (plus 5v 4+):
Williams 8:11.92
Amherst 8:58.39
Williams (5V 4+) 9:07.50

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