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High School/Scholastic: Rustbelt Catholic Championships
April 23, 2016; Lake Milton, OH

Submitted by Jay Hammond.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Head wind and chop building throughout the racing. Order of racing: 2F, 4V, 3V, 5V, 2V, 1F and 1V.
Comments: Floating starts. St. Ignatius 1V hit a course marker buoy at 750m when even with Central Catholic (both down on St. Edward at the time) - this incident resulted in St. Ignatius losing at least a length. St. Ignatius wins the Murphy Cup for the 1F racing; St. Ignatius wins the Previts Cup for the 2V racing; and St. Edward wins the C. Wiegand Cup for the 1V racing. As a result of its wins in the 1V, 3V and 2F racing, St. Edward wins the Bro. Richard Grzeskiewicz Cup for team points. Great day of racing. Thank you in particular to Canisius for making the long trip from Buffalo. The Rustbelt will rise again.


Varsity 8
St. Edward 5:14.8
Central Catholic 5:19.8
St. Ignatius 5:23.7
Canisius 5:41.8

2nd Varsity 8
St. Ignatius 5:24.0
Central Catholic 5:31.9
St. Edward 5:42.8
Canisius 5:48.9

3rd Varsity 8:
St. Edward 5:13.9
St. Ignatius 5:18.9
Central Catholic 5:21.4
Canisius 5:40.3

4th Varsity 8:
St. Ignatius 5:25.5
Central Catholic 5:32.5
St. Edward 5:44.7
Canisius 5:51.2

Frosh/Novice 8
St. Ignatius 5:45.0
Central Catholic 5:47.7
Canisius 6:23.0
St. Edward 6:49.2

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
St. Edward 5:39.3
Central Catholic 5:44.3
St. Ignatius 5:50.3
Canisius 5:55.6

5th Varsity 8:
St. Ignatius 6:02.0
Central Catholic 5V 6:18.0
Central Catholic 6V 6:33.0


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