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High School/Scholastic: Kent School Girls' Eights vs. Sacred Heart
May 21, 2016; Housatonic River, Kent CT

Submitted by Garrison Smith.

Distance: 1680 m
Conditions: Virtually no current, slight tail wind for early races increasing throughout the day. Very strong headwind in the last 700 meters of the G1 race.
Comments: Due to the changing wind throughout the day, times between races should not be compared. Order of racing G2-B4-G3-B3 break to row upstream, B2-G1-B1. In the G3 race Sacred Heart caught a crab in the first ten strokes. Boats were stopped and realigned and restarted 200 meters downstream of starting line.


Varsity 8
Kent 5:58.8
Sacred Heart 6:43.6

2nd Varsity 8
Kent 5:59.3
Sacred Heart 6:34.4

3rd boat:
Kent 5:44.6
Sacred Heart 6:23.4

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