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High School/Scholastic: Sap Bucket Challenge - Boys Fours
May 8, 2016; Springfield, Vermont

Submitted by Thom Collins.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: 7-9 mph headwind. Little current, but heavy chop for the first three races (GN, B2V, BN and B3V). Moderate chop for the last three events (G2V, G1V and B1V)
Comments: In the boys 1V race, Dexter impeded Dublin. This was caused by the drifting of the 500m buoy from lanes 3/4 to lanes 2/3. Dublin lodged a protest at the finish. It was decided that it was inconclusive as to whether the order of finish would have been impacted. Dexter agreed to forfeit the Boys Varsity trophy.


Varsity Four
Dexter 5:15.6
Vermont 5:18;5
Dublin NTT
Bancroft 5:26
Worcester 6:02

Dublin 5:35.6
Dexter 5:48.1
Vermont 5:59.8
Bancroft 6:05.1
Worcester 6:45.1

Dublin 6:05.8
Dexter 3rd 6:18.7
Dexter 4th 6:27.8
Vermont 7:18.7

Dexter 5th 6:42.4
Vermont 7:22.1
Bancroft 7:24.4


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