High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Eights,Bedford and Hingham
May 11, 2024; Merrimack River, Hooksett NH

Submitted by Jeff Upton.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Light head wind and moderate tail current, consistent for all races.
Comments: G1V - Buoy contact by Hingham port oars at 500m remaining. Calls from referee boat to adjust course prior B1V - Hingham Minor mis-stroke/crab at start. Did not warrant stoppage and did not appear to impact outcome.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Hingham 4:26.7
Bedford 4:30.0

Second Boat:
Hingham 4:44.4
Bedford 5:01.0

Third Boat:
Hingham 4:52.1
Bedford 4:57.0

Fourth Boat:
Hingham 4V 4:54.7
Hingham 5V 4:55.7
Bedford 4V 5:18.6

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Bedford 4:55.9
Hingham 5:05.3

Second Boat:
Bedford 5:07.9
Hingham 5:08.8

Third Boat:
Hingham 5:11.2
Bedford 5:14.2

Fourth Boat:
Hingham 5:24.8
Bedford 5:48.0

Fifth Boat:
Hingham 6V 5:27.1
Bedford 5V 5:34.7
Hingham 5V 5:40.3

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