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Collegiate Men & Women: Faunce Cup
April 23, 2016; West Point, NY - Hudson River

Submitted by LTC G. Matt Burrow.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: Slight head current for first race, changing to slight tail current for last race (race order M2V8, WV8, MV8, MN8, WN8, M2N8). 10+ mph direct headwind creating significant chop and swells with occasional whitecaps.
Comments: Floating starts. M2N8 race shortened to 1700 meters due to equipment malfunction after start. Fours races cancelled due to deteriorating water conditions.


Men's 2V8:
West Point 8:07
Penn State 9:03

Women's V8:
West Point 9:16.8
Penn State 9:55.1

Men's V8:
West Point 7:20
Penn State 7:55

Men's N8:
West Point 7:39.8
Penn State 8:31.1

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