High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,CRLS vs. Duxbury, Northfield Mt. Hermon
May 11, 2019; Charles River Powerhouse, Cambridge MA

Submitted by Cambridge Rindge & Latin School Crew.

Distance: 1350m
Conditions: Moderate to strong cross-tailwind, gusty, increasing throughout the afternoon. Variable chop, increasing with more wind. Slight tail current. Order of races: B1N8+, BN4+, G4V4+, B4V4+, GN8+, B2V4+, G3V4+, B3V4+, G2V4+, B1V4+, G1V4+, B2N8+. Novice 8+ race results submitted separately.
Comments: * Kayakers paddled directly into CRLS G3V4+'s racing lane after the River St. bridge and would not move. The CRLS coxswain managed to avoid a collision by making a large swerve toward the Boston shore and then back intp their racing lane. Prior to the kayak interference, CRLS was slightly behind but still overlapped with Duxbury. While the finish order was probably not affected, CRLS' evasive maneuver cost them several seconds. Thanks to Duxbury and Northfield Mt. Hermon for making the trip and for a great afternoon of racing!


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Duxbury 4:09.95
CRLS 4:12.19

Second Boat:
Duxbury 4:24.54
CRLS 4:33.42

Third Boat:
NMH 4:18.10
Duxbury 4:25.18

Fourth Boat:
NMH 4:23.64
Duxbury 4:34.41

Fifth Boat:
CRLS Novice 4+ 4:53.43
Duxbury 6V4+ 4:58.27
Duxbury Novice 4+ 5:02.38

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Duxbury 4:33.5
CRLS 4:38.7

Second Boat:
CRLS 4:47.9
Duxbury 5:03.6

Third Boat:
NMH 4:48.9
Duxbury 4:59.4
CRLS 5:04.0 *

Fourth Boat:
Duxbury 4:51.6
CRLS Novice 4+ 4:57.7
NMH 5:02.2
Duxbury 5V4+ 5:12.5

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