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Collegiate Women: Dale England Cup: Indiana, Notre Dame, Duke, Penn
April 28, 2018; Lake Lemon; Bloomington, IN

Submitted by Nathan Wiechers, Indiana University Sports Info.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Crosshead, winds ranging between 8-12mph with gusts to 22mph. Steady white caps throughout the course.
Comments: 1V4 Race: Because of conditions, the 1V4 had to row into the start at 400m mark. Crews were not even at the start. Penn and Notre Dame started even, ½ length ahead of Indiana who started 3 seats ahead of Duke. 2V4 Race: Rowed into start like 1V4. Notre Dame boat swamped 1500 meters into the race. No times were recorded, but the finish order is correct.


Varsity 8
Penn 7:30.4
Indiana 7:32.5
Notre Dame 7:34.9
Duke 7:37.43

2nd Varsity 8
Indiana 7:53.2
Notre Dame 7:53.2
Penn 7:56.0
Duke 8:03.1

Varsity Four
Notre Dame +11.5
Penn +15.9
Duke +52.07

Notre Dame DNF

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