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High School/Scholastic: Boy's Eights
April 13, 2016; Charles River Basin

Submitted by Steve McKiernan.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 8-10 mph tailwind. Considerable chop in first 1000m. In the 1st Varsity event Fairfield's course was impeded by a sailboat though it did not appear to slow the crew. BC High held a 1-2 seat lead in the final strokes when a Brookline rower lost his seat. Coaches agreed neither incident altered the final result.
Comments: Thank you to Brookline High School and Fairfield Prep. for some great racing.


Varsity 8
Boston College High School 4:40.7
Brookline High School 4:45.1
Fairfield Prep. 4:56.2

2nd Varsity 8
Fairfield Prep. 4:56.3
Boston College High School 4:56.5
Brookline High School 4:56.9

3rd Varsity Eight:
Boston College High School 4:53.1
Fairfield Prep. 5:05.6
Brookline High School 5:11.7
Fairfield Prep 4V 5:38.8
Fairfield Prep. 5V 5:46.4

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