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Collegiate Women: Bryn Mawr, Cabrini, Stockton, Pacific Lutheran, Washington College, Wellesley; Washington College Invitational
March 23, 2024; Chester River, Chestertown, MD

Submitted by Kari Hughes, Washington College.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Regatta moved from Saturday to Friday evening due to impending storm causing race schedule to compress and reduce number of races. Tailwind (9 - 10 mph), incoming (tail) tide, floating starts. Moderate water conditions at the start, flattening out as course progressed.
Comments: Racing order: 2nd Varsity 8, 1st Varsity 8 (Round 1), Varsity 4, 1st Varsity 8 (Round 2). Floating starts with quick starts. Round 1 1st Varsity 8s race were not run consecutively due to athlete/equipment switches resulting in a shorter period between races for Wellesley, Stockton and PLU. A huge thank you to all the coaches and athletes for their flexibility and work to make the Friday evening racing so successful!


Varsity 8
Wellesley 2V 6:19.1
Bryn Mawr 6:23.12
Washington College 6:28.92

2nd Varsity 8
Wellesley 3V 6:20.25
Stockton 6:22.46
Wellesley 4V 6:35.22
Washington College 6:47.84
Pacific Lutheran 7:53.15

Varsity Four
Cabrini 7:16.99
Bryn Mawr 7:24.27
Stockton 7:26.43

Varsity 8:
Wellesley 6:10.28
Stockton 6:30.40
Pacific Lutheran 7:02.57

Varsity 8, Round 2:
Wellesley 2V 6:23.57
Washington College 6:29.84
Pacific Lutheran 7:06.67

Varsity 8, Round 2:
Wellesley 6:33.20
Bryn Mawr 6:48.58
Stockton 6:56.36


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