High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Eights,Lyme/Old Lyme, Glastonbury, East Lyme, Old Saybrook
May 1, 2019; Rogers Lake, Old Lyme CT

Submitted by Louis Zubek.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Calm water with little wind. Conditions remained the same throughout.
Comments: Boys novice B had to be restarted about 500 meter into the race. Glastonbury girls 3V stopped before the finish line costing them a few seconds.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Glastonbury 4:59.9
Lyme/Old Lyme 5:01.3
East Lyme 5:02.9

Second Boat:
Glastonbury 2V 5:17.9
Glastonbury 3V 5:30.6
Lyme/Old Lyme 2V 5:41.1
Old Saybrook 2V 5:52.6
East Lyme 2V 5:57.5

Third Boat:
East Lyme Novice A 5:37.9
Lyme/Old Lyme Novice A 5:39.8
Glastonbury Novice A 5:42.9

Fourth Boat:
East Lyme Novice B 4:20.5
Glastonbury Novice B 4:21.8

Fifth Boat:
East Lyme Novice 4+ 6:11.5
Lyme/Old Lyme Novice 4+ 7:22.8

Women's Racing

First Boat:
East Lyme 5:37.3
Glastonbury 5:44.9
Lyme/Old Lyme 5:46.0

Second Boat:
Glastonbury 5:57.7
East Lyme 6:10.5
Lyme/Old Lyme 6:29.1

Third Boat:
Glastonbury 3V 6:34.5
East Lyme 3V 6:35.6
Glastonbury 4V 6:48.7

Fourth Boat:
Glastonbury Novice 6:19.7
East Lyme Novice 6:50.9
Lyme/Old Lyme Novice 6:55.2
Old Saybrook Novice 7:01.9

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