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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Phillips Academy vs St. Paul's School
May 5, 2018; Turkey Pond, Concord, NH

Submitted by Colin Campbell.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 74F, sunny, with moderate but gusting headwinds. The boys' 4th/5th eights started well over the line, the boys' 3rd eights started over the line, the boys' 2nd eights started just over the line, and the boys' 1st eights started on the line.
Comments: In the boys' 1st eight race, an Andover oarsman caught a crab in the final 200m, opening the margin on what was to that point a very close race. In the boys' 3rd eight race, a St. Paul's oarsman caught a crab at 600m gone,opening the margin at that point. Thank you to all of the Andover athletes and coaches for an excellent day of racing.


First Boat
St. Paul's 4:46.8
Andover 4:54.1

Second Boat
Andover 4:52.7
St. Paul's 5:01.2

Third Boat
Andover 5:05.1
St. Paul's 5:22.1

Fourth Boat
Andover-4th 5:04.2
Andover-5th 5:12.0
St. Paul's-4th 5:43.7

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