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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys 4s/The Bassett Cup
May 4, 2016; The Powerhouse, Charles River

Submitted by Chris Richards.

Distance: 1300m
Conditions: miserable cold rain, swirling crosswind, but nice water
Comments: In the 7V/6V race, the Nobles 6V crew caught two boat-stopping crabs. In the 5V race, a Charles River Cruise boat drove straight up the racecourse towards the finish; Nobles was forced to steer around, but this did not impact the finishing order. Congratulations to all the rowers and coxswains for a terrific day of racing in conditions fit for early March!


Varsity Four
NOBLES 4:05.1
BHS 4:05.5

BHS 4:12.2
NOBLES 4:13.1

BHS 4:31.0
NOBLES 4:42.6

BHS 4:26.3
NOBLES 4:45.6

BHS 5 4:27.4
BHS 6 4:36.1
NOBLES 5 4:47.0

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