High School/Scholastic: NEIRA,Cambridge Rindge and Latin HS at Groton
May 4, 2024; Nashua River, Groton

Submitted by Andy Anderson.

Distance: 1225 m.
Conditions: Very little current. Flat water. Beginning with the second boats, a slight amount of headwind. Race order G4, B4, G3, B3, G2, B2, G1, B1
Comments: Great racing conditions and great racing by the crews. In the G2, the start was strokes on the line instead of bow balls. Thank you CRLS for an excellent afternoon.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Groton 3:57.7
Cambridge RLS 4:07.2

Second Boat:
Groton 4:08.4
Cambridge RLS 4:20.4

Third Boat:
Groton 4:09.5
Cambridge RLS 4:17.9

Fourth Boat:
Groton 4:20.7
Cambridge RLS 4:30.8

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Cambridge RLS 4:19.5
Groton 4:23.5

Second Boat:
Groton 4:20.1
Cambridge RLS 4:30.6

Third Boat:
Groton 4:37.0
Cambridge RLS 4:40.6

Fourth Boat:
Groton 4:51.0
Cambridge RLS 5:10.2

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