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EARC LW Men: Callow Cup and 1919 Trophy: University of Pennsylvania vs. US Naval Academy
April 28, 2018; Philadelphia, PA

Submitted by Colin Farrell.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Moderate cross headwind building throughout the racing. Order of racing: 4V, 3V, 2V, 1V, 5V.
Comments: Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out and to J. Hill for refereeing. Navy wins the Callow Cup for victory in the 1st Varsity and 1919 Trophy for team points.


Varsity 8
Navy 5:44.0
Penn 5:46.7

2nd Varsity 8
Penn 5:53.9
Navy 5:55.4

3rd Varsity 8:
Navy 5:53.1
Penn 6:04.5

4th Varsity 8:
Navy 5:58.7
Penn 6:10.7

5th Varsity 8:
Navy 6:09.0
Penn 6:38.4


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