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Collegiate Women: George Mason, North Carolina Scrimmage
March 16, 2018; Lake Lure, NC

Submitted by Ted Nagorsen.

Distance: 2000M
Conditions: 8-10 mph Cross/Head wind, increasing through the morning. Gusts over 15 mph
Comments: The second race of the varsity 4+ had the same crews from UNC but George Mason had a rower from the V4+A and V4+B boat race again in the V4+C boat to get all the athletes a race. Racing was completed by using the NK GPS set to 2000m.


Varsity 8
UNC A 7:08.7
UNC B 7:14.9
George Mason A 7:26.0

2nd Varsity 8
UNC C 7:56.6
George Mason B 8:08.3
UNC D 8:12.3

Varsity Four
UNC A 8:22.1
UNC B 8:26.1
George Mason A 9:25.4
George Mason B 9:46.0

Varsity 4+ second race:
UNC A 8:47.3
UNC B 8:52.5
George Mason C 10:48.3

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