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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA (boys' eights)
May 7, 2016; Turkey Pond Concord, NH

Submitted by Colin Campbell.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 55F and overcast with intermittent light rain. Some light cross tailwind that didn't affect the water or the racing much at all.
Comments: Thank you to the Andover and CRI crews for making the trip up to Concord and for the excellent racing.


Varsity 8
CRI 4:26.6
Andover 4:27.4
St Paul's 4:38.5

2nd Varsity 8
CRI 4:33.4
St. Paul's 4:40.6
Andover 4:44.9

3rd Eight:
CRI 4:38.5
St. Paul's 4:56.1
Andover 5:01.3

4th Eight:
CRI 5:04.8
Andover 5:14.4
St. Paul's 5:28.5

5th Eight:
Andover 5:32.9
St. Paul's 6:01.9


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