High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,Northfield Mount Hermon vs. St. Mark's School and Vermont Academy
May 18, 2019; Gill, MA

Submitted by Taylor Washburn.

Distance: 1400
Conditions: Light headwind, diminishing over the course of the afternoon. Light current. Racing upstream.
Comments: Great day of racing. Thank you to St. Mark's and Vermont Academy for making the trip.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
NMH 5:06.3
St. Mark's 5:16.6
Vermont Academy 6:26.0

Second Boat:
NMH 5:31.6
St. Mark's 5:50.5

Third Boat:
NMH 5:44.5
St. Mark's 6:10.6

Fourth Boat:
NMH 5:53.3
St. Mark's 6:41.6

Fifth Boat:
NMH 5:52.3
Vermont Academy Novice 6:47.1

Women's Racing

First Boat:
NMH 6:02.8
St. Mark's 6:06.9

Second Boat:
NMH 6:10.1
St. Mark's 6:28.0

Third Boat:
St. Mark's 6:24.4
NMH 6:37.0

Fourth Boat:
St. Mark's 6:52.1
NMH 7:06.5
Vermont Academy Novice 8:39.9

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