High School/Scholastic: Virtual Southwest Novice Championships: Marin, Oakland Strokes, Row New Jersey, Saint Ignatius College Prep and Los Gatos Rowing Club
April 11, 2020; Virtual

Submitted by Richie Gordon.

Distance: 2000
Conditions: All ergs were Concept 2 and done at the rowers home during quarentine. Scores are combined results of all their 2ks.
Comments: Full race can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/i9cJaTF2Tz4


Men's Racing

Novice Four Final:
Marin A 0:27:22
Marin B 0:28:39
Oakland A 0:28:44
Saint Ignatius A 0:29:08
Marin C 0:29:17
Los Gatos 0:29:29
Row New Jersey A 0:29:42

Novice 4s Final B:
Marin E 0:30:03
Pacific 0:30:26
Oakland B 0:30:30
Row New Jersey B 0:30:33
Oakland C 0:31:56
Saint Ignatius B 0:32:52
Oakland D 0:08:10

Women's Racing

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