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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls 4+
May 21, 2016; Lake Lillinona New Milford CT

Submitted by Sarah Bednar.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Floating starts with moderate head winds early in the races but dying as the afternoon went on. It was against the current.
Comments: The start was 6K away from the dock which made hot seating challenging but doable. GA hot seated a rower from GV4 to GV3 . A time wasn't recorded for Greenwich A in GV4.


Girls V2:
Greenwich A 5:23.1
Berkshire 5:25.6
Southfield 5:27.9
Hopkins 5:35.8
Marianapolis 5:57.6

Girls V4:
Canterbury 5:43
Greenwich A. NA

Girls V1:
Hopkins 5:06. 4
Greenwich A 5:14.0
Southfield 5:14.1
Berkshire 5:22.3
Marianapolis 5:54.4

Girls V3:
Hopkins 5:34
Greenwich A 5:44
Southfield 5:49
Berkshire 6:00

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