High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,Berwick Academy, Pingree School and Great Bay Rowing
May 4, 2019; Berwick Academy Home course South Berwick Maine

Submitted by Charles Wemyss, Jr..

Distance: 1500 meter
Conditions: Conditions very good for rowing. full high tide and total availability of entire river. Tide was ebbing during the course of the regatta, but did not affect lanes or racing adversely, 2-3 mph crossing tailwind in early races, 4-5 mph tailwind for Boys V2 and V1 races, but tidal current may have offset the tailwind.
Comments: The boys V3 race included the Berwick V4 boat as Pingree School and Great Bay did not boat a fourth boat. The Girls V4 race was between Pingree School, as Berwick did not boat a V4 boat. Conditions were very accretive to racing on the Salmon Falls River, we would like to thank the Coaches and athletes from Pingree School and Great Bay Rowing for a great day of spirited rowing and "well rowed!" to all crews.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Pingree School 5.42.0
Berwick Academy 5.47.0
Great Bay Rowing 6.33

Second Boat:
Berwick Academy 5.59.0
Pingree School 6.02.4
Great Bay Rowing 6.12.0

Third Boat:
Great Bay Rowing 6.21.0
Berwick Academy 6.24.1
Berwick Academy V4 6.34.0
Pingree school 6.47.0

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Great Bay Rowing 5.49.0
Berwick Academy 6.07.0
Pingree School 6.39.0

Second Boat:
Great Bay Rowing 6.07.0
Pingree School 6.31.0
Berwick Academy 6.32.5

Third Boat:
Great Bay Rowing 6.21.0
Pingree School 7.10.0
Berwick Academy 7.34.0

Fourth Boat:
Great Bay Rowing 7.11.0
Pingree School 7.20.0

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