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Collegiate Women: Santa Clara vs. Mills
March 4, 2018; Lexington Reservoir

Submitted by Santa Clara .

Distance: 2000 meters
Conditions: flat or very slight headwind for all racing
Comments: The two V8's and SCU JV8 raced together. The Mills V8 caught a boat stopping crab with about 300m to go. It did not affect the finish order. The Mills N8 raced with the SCU and Mills combo 4's who were racing a second time


Varsity 8
SCU 7:19.8
Mills 7:59.6

2nd Varsity 8
SCU 7:41.0

Varsity Four
SCU 8:48.7
Mills 10.11.2

V/JV/N 4:
SCU 8:18.4
Mills 8:28.4

Frosh/Novice 8
Mills 8:59.6

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