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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours,Berkshire vs. Canterbury, Dexter, Hopkins
May 18, 2019; Wononpakook Lake

Submitted by Berkshire School Coaches.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Variable NE headwind. Flat water for most races.
Comments: In the 3V race, Hopkins drifted in front of Dexter, impeding their line, but it ultimately didn't impact the finish order. Also in the eventful 3V race, the Berkshire coxswain guided along a finish buoy that had become unmoored, and as a result drifted out of their lane. Otherwise, a great and smooth day of racing by all crews! Thanks to all crews and coaches for making the trip and continuing this competitive end of season race.


First Boat
Berkshire 5:03.9
Hopkins 5:08.6
Dexter 5:13.6
Canterbury 5:15.7

Second Boat
Berkshire 5:15.7
Hopkins 5:23.4
Dexter 5:33.4
Canterbury 5:54.2

Third Boat
Hopkins 5:42.3
Berkshire 5:46.1
Dexter 6:19.9

Sixth Boat:
Canterbury Novice 5:56.7
Hopkins Novice B 6:16.1
Hopkins Novice A 6:19.5
Dexter 6:23.3

Fourth Boat
Hopkins 5:51.6
Berkshire 5:52.8

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