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Collegiate Women: UCLA vs. Stanford, SDSU
March 3, 2018; Ballona Creek, Marina del Rey, CA

Submitted by Anthea Barnett, UCLA.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Continuous head wind and current throughout the races. Raced in order of: N4+, 2V, 1V, V4+, 3V/4V.
Comments: Debris in the creek stopped the first run of the V4+ race, causing a restart. In the 2nd running of the race debris again caused UCLA to stop at 750m, but the race was able to be completed by the Stanford and SDSU crews.


Varsity 8
Stanford 6:43.3
UCLA 7:18.3
SDSU 7:29.0

2nd Varsity 8
UCLA 7:06.1
Stanford 7:08.56
SDSU 7:23.78

Varsity Four
Stanford 7:57.5
SDSU 8:02.0
Stanford 8:06.9
UCLA dnf

UCLA 3V 7:26.0
SDSU 3V 7:28.96
UCLA 4V 7:31.63

UCLA B 8:49.6
UCLA A 9:25.6

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