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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours,Kent School vs Berkshire
April 24, 2021; Kent, CT

Submitted by Eric Houston.

Distance: 1700m
Conditions: Moderate tail current with variable headwinds up to ten mph throughout the course.
Comments: Thanks to Berkshire for making the trip to Kent for some exciting racing. Of particular note was the third boat race. After a close first 400m off the start, the Kent A boat slowly moved away from the other two boats, with Berkshire in second and the Kent B boat in third. At about 450m to go, the Kent A boat, which had around two lengths of open water on Berkshire who had a length on Kent B, hit a buoy which caused the stroke's oar of the Kent A boat to pop out of its oarlock and end up in the river. The Kent A boat continued to row, which caused them to veer into Berkshire's lane impeding their progress. Meanwhile, Kent B rowed through to win the race. However, because Kent impeded Berkshire's progress, who was leading Kent B at the time, the win was awarded to Berkshire.


First Boat
Kent 5:23.5
Berkshire 5:33. 7

Second Boat
Kent 5:38.5
Berkshire 6:04

Third Boat
Berkshire 6:19*
Kent B 6:22*
Kent A 6:30*

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